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Post by AustinJakob on Fri Jul 12, 2013 4:02 pm

Hi everyone, I'm Austin-Jakob. Firstly, my mom directed me to this site with the hopes that I will find some like minded people and develop my gifts. I'm very nervous about all of this as it's very new even tho I grew up in a Spiritual home. I channeled my gift away from me as it seems that I suffer a bit of an attachment issue. I feel weird saying that but its the only way I can describe it, heavy, angry, Jeckel and Hyde behaviour, and a sense of not giving a slightest care about anything. This isn't me.
Even though I have blocked out the sight, sound and sense of spirits since I was 12, I still feel strange at times, like I can't control my thoughts and they fly out of my mouth, like I'm angry. I've had several paranormal experiences as a child, haunted house (the spirit buddy was his name was a lost and tortured soul), reincarnation memory, dreams, and predictions since I was 2. I use to smile all the time, a happy go lucky toddler, child and preteen, until around 3 years ago when all that changed. I know many have said to me "puberty" but it's more than that. I know it as I feel it's negativity. My mom did a house cleansing and asked the spirit to leave as they're causing harm to me and I felt much better for several months. Not so heavy feeling, moody and angry and now its all coming back.
Does anyone else experience or have they experienced this before? Any idea's on what it is or what to do would be greatly appreciated. I'm so in need of some guidance and to turn this around to helping if I can instead of reliving it what it feels like. affraid


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Post by Gracie on Fri Jul 12, 2013 8:18 pm

Hi Jake,

May I suggest another house cleansing? They only last so long and make sure it's done properly, I'll include instructions.

Full House Cleansing

Things you will need:
White sage smudge, can be stick or powder form and have other herbs in it as long as it has the white sage.
Something natural to put the smudge in, like an abalone shell or something made out of a natural occurring substance, fireproof.
A natural feather to move the smoke in to corners.
Rock salt or kosher salt, to be blessed or blessed already.
Spray bottle with blessed water and blessed salt mixed.
Oil, blessed.
The more natural the better, it helps to have the earth energy working with you on this.

You can bless these things yourself as long as you faith is strong. You can believe in God or God and Goddess and even Universal Love.
Open a window in every room, 2 inches will due and open the front door.
Start in the room on the right side of the front door and move in a clockwise motion threw your home back to the front door.
Light your smudge and push the smoke in to all corners and closets. Tell the spirits to leave, they are not welcome there and they are not allowed back in, you command them in the name of (your choice of deity). As you do each corner, spray the water there after you smudge, don’t forget the middle of the room. When you are done, close the window and tell it, it cannot come back and seal it with the mark of the cross above the window. Do the same to the doors, closet door and door to the room. Continue through the house in this manner, finishing at the front door. To be sure it will not come back, put blessed salt in each corner of the property. Remember to be forceful with your commands.

Thank your deity.
I’ve never had this fail.

Let me know if this helps. If not, I can take a look, just explain to me what activity you are having, include a picture of the area's that the activity is happen and a photo of you, your age, yes again, sorry, it's how I do things... If you want to send it in a PM, that's fine. If I can't help you I might know someone that can.


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Hi I'm Austin-Jakob Empty Re: Hi I'm Austin-Jakob

Post by iron9567 on Sun Jul 14, 2013 1:46 pm

Welcome to the site hope you enjoy yourself here.
If you ever need someone to practice on you are more than welcomed to practice on me I don't mind.

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Hi I'm Austin-Jakob Empty Re: Hi I'm Austin-Jakob

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