How to add a photo to your message--simplified

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How to add a photo to your message--simplified

Post by Darth on Sat Aug 06, 2011 6:43 pm

To put a photo in a message:

Open a new message.

Click on the HOST A PHOTO button on the editing bar.

Enter the location of the photo in the input box that appears.

Click the tiny "Host" button at the bottom of the input box.

Copy and paste the code from the center field in the input box to your message.

Click on PREVIEW below the message box to see that your photo appears as you want it to.

NOTE: Do not link to a graphic on another website without permission. Do not post photos that you do not own the rights to. Even giving the source of the photo does not protect you or our forum from copyright violation. If you want to refer to a photo that belongs to someone else, post a link--not the photo. Our forum host is serious about copyright, and we don't want to lose our forum because of a technicality. Our moderators will look for violations and ask you to correct the situation.

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