Grounding Meditation

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Grounding Meditation

Post by Gracie on Tue Jul 08, 2014 8:18 am

There are many variations to this grounding meditation and can be defined for different purposes. I prefer to do the Protection Blessing first. The one that follows is my favorite for before readings.

You sit comfortably in a chair, feet flat on the floor, close your eyes and imagine a chain around your waist going down to the center of the earth, you follow that chain to the core of the earth, passing threw the different layers of the earth. Feel the warmth of the core filling you up, come back threw the layers of earth and break threw the dirt, smell the dirt, see the grass with the water droplet? Feel how that grass feels with the weight of the water, let the water drop as the troubles of your life drop away, feel the freedom of the grass as it bounces back up straight and free of the weight of the world. See the rabbit hopping over to the grass, smell the grass, feel it's nose twitching, see the wolf running, run as the wolf, feel it's power in it's legs, look up at the eagle, be the eagle, feel the wind going under and threw it's wings, fly around the world looking down at all the people. As you see the people, send a thread of energy down to them, connect with them, feel what they feel, know what they know, when you have collected your threads of energy, you're done go back to your chair softly and open your eyes.

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