Chakra cleaning and adjustment

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Chakra cleaning and adjustment

Post by Gracie on Tue Jul 08, 2014 7:25 am

(Pronounced: LAHmng-VAHmng-RAHmng-YAHmng-HAHmng-OMng-MNGng)

What did you just say, Gracie?
I just gave you the magic words you need to clean and balance the
energy in your chakras. Although you can read volumes about chakras and
their functions, let's not worry about the whys and hows for now. Just
try the following balancing exercise and see how you feel afterward.

There are several ways to clean up the energy in your chakras, and I'm going
to describe the easiest way I know. Note that the chakras are located in
certain positions on your body and that each one has its own color,
sound, gemstone, and function. These are balancing tools for you to use to clean and balance the energy in your chakras.


  • Sit comfortably--you don't have to wrap yourself up like a pretzel unless you're more comfortable that way!
  • Take a few deep breaths and relax.
  • Complete a grounding meditation. If you don't have your own, you're welcome to share my special meditation.

this won't hurt a bit! In fact, I think you're going to like it. Start
with the Root Chakra, and work in order from root to crown.


  • Imagine a red ball of light in your groin area.
  • Fill the ball with light.
  • Chant or hum the corresponding sound.
  • When you feel that the chakra is energized and cleaned, move to the next chakra.
  • Repeat the steps for each chakra using the appropriate location and sound.

Root Chakra

LOCATION: Groin area, center of body, radiates down.
This chakra brings you the feeling of security. When it’s cluttered with
unnecessary energy or the energy flow is hampered, a person feels
jittery and nervous. Not surprisingly, when the root chakra lacks the
energy it needs to maintain a normal balance it brings feelings of need,
which may manifest as greed, being overly concerned about security, or
feelings of fear.

Sacral Chakra

LOCATION: Just above Root Chakra, center of body.
COLOR: Orange

An important chakra for emotional health, the sacral chakra helps you to be open and honest without limitations. Energy flow interruption here can create a coldness or harshness to your personality. When the energy is too free flowing, it brings an overreaction of emotion and you don’t feel balanced.

Navel Chakra

LOCATION: Navel, center of body.
COLOR: Yellow

If you want to be comfortable in a group, the navel chakra needs to be clean and free-flowing. One filled with slow moving energy will make you too passive and filled with indecision. If the energy in the third chakra is too free-flowing, a person will be aggressive and

Heart Chakra

LOCATION: Center of chest
COLOR: Green

This chakra is just as it sounds: It controls your heart--your love and compassion. When energy is slow-moving here you’re more apt to be cold and unfeeling. When the energy moves too fast it can cause a person to be suffocating and self-serving rather than loving.

Throat Chakra

LOCATION: Throat, thyroid area, middle of neck

Verbalization and other forms of communication are important for everyone but especially artists. When the flow of energy here is interrupted you are likely to not be able to get your point across or find your creativity. Lying is one of the biggest dirty-energy culprits, so don’t lie. It's not an easy habit to give up, but even the occasional little white lie will literally get stuck in your throat! Someone who has too much energy in the throat chakra is easy to spot: They are those people who talk too much and can tell you their life story in 5 minutes or less!

Third Eye Chakra

LOCATION: Between and just above the eyes, forward just a touch from the center of brain
COLOR: Purple

Yes, the third eye chakra is the one for intuition! Oh, but there is so much more to this chakra than meets the eye. If this chakra is out of balance it will effect not just your intuition but the way you deal with authority. People with low energy here tend to depend on others to make their decisions for them and then stand behind their decision whether right or wrong. The rigidity is their way of maintaining a semblance of control. Too much energy in the sixth chakra is just as bad! These people can appear mentally imbalanced--and indeed they are. They fantasize too much, and in extreme instances can have hallucinations.
As with all things, a happy medium contributes to good mental health.

Crown Chakra

LOCATION: Very top of your head; it radiates up
COLOR: Lavendar

Spirituality might explain the crown chakra best. Not religion--there is a big difference. Spirituality is viewing the world without prejudice, tapping into the understanding that comes from being one with the world. We are all part of this world and have a place in it--making the most of that part means everything. Plainly put, if your energy is restricted in your
crown chakra, you didn’t understand the previous sentences. You don’t feel a part of the bigger picture. You feel alone--and you're right. As with all the other chakras, the opposite is true if you have too much energy in the seventh chakra. You tend to overanalyze everything and feel your spirituality so intensely that you may ignore physical needs such as food and exercise, which are necessary for good health of mind and body.

(c) 2011 GHPH. All rights

Now, how do you feel after a little cleaning and balancing?

Live, Laugh and Love every chance you get!!!!

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Re: Chakra cleaning and adjustment

Post by Highvibes on Tue Jul 08, 2014 9:35 am

This is great - I'm going to give it a shot when I have some time.


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