Gracie's rules and conditions.

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Gracie's rules and conditions.

Post by Gracie on Mon Jul 07, 2014 8:13 am

Welcome to Hatchway!!

Sometimes I can connect to a passed loved one and deliver a message.
If you have a specific question, I can usually find an answer for you. I deal with relationship woes, future and past. I can help you with spiritual things most of the time or I know someone you can contact if it's beyond my capabilities. Be honest, I don't judge, we can talk about anything.

No one under 18 please, remember, I'm a psychic...
No medical advise, I'm not a doctor.
No foretelling death readings, too depressing...
No suicide threats, I will discontinue the reading. I will recommend that you seek a trained professional, not me, I can't help you to fix that, I'm not trained for that.

Rules are subject to change.


Live, Laugh and Love every chance you get!!!!

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